Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hooks Of All Types

No. I haven't gotten into fishing. Most writers know what hooks means. And I might've posted on this before some years ago, but it was on my mind. Hooks are devices used in books that catch a reader's attention.

Hooks can be through the plot or the central characters career or personality. The ones I love to read are cowboys, cops, bad boys, assassins, bodyguards, force marriages, and lately chefs. I didn't misspell the last one. The movie NO RESERVATIONS showed me how sexy chefs can be.

Of course, I love anything with swords in it. So medieval romance novels are a favorite, but lately I haven't found one that doesn't have the heroine acting too modern (she'll have trade and be too independent).  While others have the woman or man being too stupid to live.

I'm sure there are more that ring my bell and I'll think of them later.

Other hooks that people like are secret babies (where the mother won't tell the man he's a dad and later he finds out), brides (I've been told if you put a bride in full regalia on the cover, the book will fly off the shelf especially in June), woman in jeopardy (think the movie KNIGHT AND DAY - love it! Or any romantic suspense where a killer is after the woman), reunions (they had a relationship that didn't work out but they want to try again), etc.

And there is another form of hooks. It can be the first sentence or paragraph in a book. You know how we love reading the first page or so to get a feel of the writer's voice. That helps in the decision of what to buy.

The first paragraph in my third book (CIRCLE OF DECEPTION) coming out late this year is: Ankles bound by duct tape and rope to a massive hook suspended from the ceiling, the man swayed back and forth. A bare light bulb at the end of a long wire swung in the opposite direction, casting drunken shadows across every inch of his sweat-coated skin.

Does that make you want to read more? It even has the word 'hook' in it.  LOL!