Sunday, April 1, 2012


April Fools!  Surely, you didn't get taken in by that?  I'm nowhere finished. But it's moving along.  Please be sure to sign up for  my newsletter. I plan next week to send out an excerpt of Book #3 (tentatively titled CIRCLE OF DECEPTION). It's the opening scene of the book actually and I think you'll love it. I do. But I love all of my books equally. They are like my children - a part of me.

First, Happy Birthday to my sister. Love ya, sis!

Second, come over to Just Romantic Suspense and comment on my post titled "Romance Writing Syndromes." You might find it interesting.  Plus you could win a copy of CIRCLE OF DESIRE (paperback or e-format) and CIRCLE OF DANGER (e-format), one of each title. One per winner. 

Hope to see you there. In the meanwhile, I'm back writing on Book #3.