Saturday, September 17, 2011


Like most Saturdays, I went shopping for the odds and ends I need at home. It was a beautiful day. Blue skies. In the low 90s. Since I've lost so much weight, walking isn't a hardship and I don't wear out so quickly.  It's amazing how your out look can change when get in better health. I can't wait until next year. More pounds should be off and hopefully I'll be at my goal a few months before I leave for Anaheim (RWA conference) in July.  I even bought a blouse today a size smaller than normal. Wonderful.

The little town I live in, you would think I would come across people I know all the time. Nope. But everyone I passed smiled back. I believe everyone was ready for the slightly cooler weather and gorgeous day.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter (Y) brought over her boyfriend. He's such a cutie and so polite. Plus I found out he reads! You know what I mean. Of course, all of her boyfriends in the past could read words. I'm talking about he picks up books and reads them and enjoys doing it. He named off a few authors he likes. Of course, most of them I've never heard of as they're not romance authors, but I know my smile got bigger and bigger. Then Y said, "I think Mom is in love with you."  She's so funny. How could she tell?  LOL!

The next two weekends should be rather busy. Saturday my writers group is having a full day workshop, LAW AND ORDER FOR THE WRITER.   To see the line up, go to You will be impressed. It's going to be fantastic.  Heather Leonard is awesome! She set up the whole thing.

Then the first weekend of October, I plan to drive to Atlanta to see several people at a book signing.  1) Sherrilyn Kenyon. I owe that lady so much.  Love her. 2) Her assistant, Kim. She's such a sweetheart. 3) Nicki Salcedo. The woman is marveleous! And my lovely chapter mates: Heather, Christine and Mary.

Hoping you're having a wonderful day.