Friday, September 30, 2011

I Am What I Am

If you know me, I can talk about anything with anyone without a blush or stutter. Sometimes though, if something happens out of the blue and I'm not intentionally talking about something rather risqué, I can actually blush.

Well, it happened the other day.  A fellow in my office was asking questions about my Nook.  So I showed him all you can flip through the different books and rearrange them by author, title and such. Again, if you know me, I read a little bit of everything to do with romance. I have an extensive list of erotica and several are S & M. Yes. I do have a wicked side.

Normally, it wouldn't embarrass me. I believe if you're ashamed of something, don't do it. Only thing is this fellow is a very nice guy who teaches Sunday school for goodness sakes. And like I said, he'd asked about my Nook out of the blue and I was showing him how it works and there are all the covers to my erotica zooming by. Think, bare butts arranged for spanking, bare chested men with handcuffs, lots of skin. My face a little warm, I told him, "You know me. Overlook the covers." And I continued to show him the different great features of the Nook.  LOL!

He just smiled.

Like, Popeye says, "I am what I am."