Monday, September 5, 2011

Are You Really Interested? Or Making Small Talk?

Every time a close friend or family member ask: "Have you gotten your book cover?" "Do you have a release date yet?" "What's your book about?" - I laugh and shake my head. It's not like they have to remember a pseudonym. Sure, I'm happy to tell people about my book, but I expect certain people to be interested enough to take a peek at my webpage or whatever every once in a while. I check up on my friends once a week by phone or email or their blog (if they have one) and I have the same 24 hrs and full time job (with overtime), plus a part time one as a writer. (YAY!)

Do I expect them to know everything? No. But when I mentioned the info is on my webpage and then I answer them, I don't expect them to get offended. If I'm not offended that they didn't take time to check out my webpage (blog or Facebook), why should they?

Do I worry the same people will see this post and get offended again? No. They won't read it, and most likely it's not the first time they asked a question that was answered here. LOL! If by chance they learned their lesson, they can always comment and fuss at me.

I just saying...