Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Little Teaser

My next to post at Romance Magicians is September 13, and I plan for it to be an article I've been thinking about writing for a few years now. Not sure how indepth it will be, but it will be about contests in general with a lot of references to the Linda Howard of Excellence. Considering, with some input from a committee (especially from a certain Kelley Zeringue), it was pretty much my baby for the last six years, I know everything about it leading up to last month. And starting last month (2012 contest), it is in good hands (Thanks, Heather!) that aren't mine.

For those who don't know me and you're wondering if I know my stuff, let me give you this information. Over seventeen years (various years, totaling eight, I didn't enter anything), I've entered 111 contests (averages 12 a year - I'm sure there are plenty who've entered more, but I'm a little picky), and seven of those were in the Golden Heart. That was with 15 different entries. Only 16 entries went to the finals (little over 14%) with 2 as honorable mentions in NJRW's Put Your Heart In A Book contest.  Of course, two of those finals were in the Maggies, one was in the Emily and three GOTCHAs.  I had only one win and that was in the GOTCHA. Thankfully at that time they allowed the editor to decide as I would've come in 3rd otherwise. This last time I finalled, they let the score decide. I would've never entered if I had known that.

Anyway, there's a little teaser. I have a lot more to say, but in the RM post no contests except the LH AoE will be named. No need to ruffle feathers.