Saturday, May 21, 2011


No, this isn't another one of my rants about judges and contests and what they do wrong. It's just that I realized I'm addicted to contests. Give a person a few finals and she wants to enter them all. Thankfully (odd to say that) I'm low on income and can't enter them all. Never really saw the need, so it's a good thing I do have some restraint.

I knew a girl who entered so many in one year, she spent over $3,000 dollars. That was when you had to pay for postage there and back. The supplies (envelopes, clips, paper and ink) could add up quick. But still, folks, that was too much. The most I spent in a year was $427 and I still choke when I think of it. Yes. I do keep a spreadsheet. That was the first year I was without a bonus (been three years now) and still had a little extra funds set back. I guess if I was a smoker or drinker, I would spend a lot more money on those habits than I did on contests. It did cut into my buying books but then I get a lot of those free through readers luncheons and conferences I attend. That's really where my extra money went, but all for the purpose of trying to get published and networking. I must say it's paying off. More of that in another post later this year.  Cruel, ain't I?

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not going to the national conference this year. This will be the first year in nine that I won't be to a conference, national or regional. I probably needed a break from them anyway.

Back to contests. I realized I can't enter the Maggies or the Golden Heart this year. And I had gotten my highest scores ever in the GH this year. Click here to read about that. It makes me sad, but then I knock myself over the head and think, CARLA (I'm on first name basis with myself), YOU'RE GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!  LOL!

I guess my next addiction will be in searching my name and looking for reviews (good or/and bad) and bemoaning that.  Of course, there are always the Ritas and other "published" contests.