Friday, May 20, 2011


I received a surprise yesterday in my email. My agent's agency sent me an email inviting me to their cocktail party during the RWA's national conference. It was really neat looking and you could RSVP directly into the "card." Made me so sad to have to click on UNABLE TO ATTEND. I keep telling myself that next year I should have enough money saved up to attend the one in Anaheim, CA. It's one of the states I've never visited.

All my extra money (and that's not much) is going to our family vacation. We try to do it every other year. I cheated last year and went to another conference. Long story. Don't misunderstand. I love taking family vacations. My girls are wonderful and I love my grandson and his dad. I just wish I had money to go to them all. LOL! I guess I'm being greedy.

Besides, my hubby will probably want to come along to the conference. He doesn't understand how they're the only place I can have my "girls' night out." And plus I enjoy not having to worry if he's bored.

We'll see.