Friday, May 6, 2011


LOL! I can't help starting off this post by laughing. It's been a crazy year but it's looking up for sure. Wednesday at work was busier than it had been the last couple years. Orders flowing in, customers with a thousand and one questions. So all day at work I didn't get a chance to check my email at home.

Then at 5:05 p.m., before I walked out the door to a hair appointment, I checked it and someone had OUT OF THE SHADOWS in the subject line. Well, I was expecting some scores on a contest and I figured that was it.  Curious, I opened it. An editor at Avon Impulse wrote that they would like to consider my book for their new imprint.

I started crying. Not just silence tears streaming down my face. Oh, no, that would be too pretty. Deep, choking ones. I told myself, hurry and smile or laugh or they'll think your dog died or something. I had to get out of my chair and go find someone to tell. Everyone had gone. Arrgh! Didn't they know I had important news? Then I finally found one of my co-workers. She congratulated me but you could tell from her face she wasn't quite sure why I was acting so weird. Then one of my beta readers and dear friend (hey, Terri!) came back to her desk. We hugged, bobbed around, hugged, and laughed and bobbed some more. Now that's how we all should always celebrate.  LOL!

On the way to my hair appointment, I started making calls. YES. I was driving while on the cell phone, but this one time it's excusable and I was careful. I promise. Thankfully the hair salon is only five or so miles away.

I had never really thought of the number of people who I owe so much in ways of leading, teaching, and cheering me on. I'll list them here in order that I called them (though some didn't answer when I called - how dare them! But they called me back immediately. I rarely call people so they knew something was up when my number appeared on their phones).   Candice (my eldest daughter), Christy Reece, Diane, Jennifer Echols, Jeanie (Lexi George), Sherrilyn Kenyon (texted actually), Audrey (my youngest), and my dad.  I know there were others I probably should've called, but I couldn't wait to get home and show my hubby the email.  Pipe dream, huh?

There's no contract signed and I still need to talk with the editor. Plus I need an agent. But I'm happy. An editor likes my book well enough to want to consider publishing it and unless I do something really stupid, this will be it.

I got so tickled when Sherrilyn posted the news on Twitter and Facebook. I forgot to tell her it was a secret for now. She's so good to me and is as excited about it as I am. So how can I be upset? She's always wanting the best for me. She's the happiest person I know. That's why I like being around her as much as possible. She's a good, good person. Not counting the smartest and one of the most talented women I know. Look at that list above, folks, that's a lot of talented authors. I'm blessed.

Once her 5,000+ fans on Facebook and 13,000+ on Twitter knew, I figured I better tell my RWA chapter mates about it.  LOL!

So I didn't really get THE CALL, I got THE EMAIL!  The world's a-changing.  I hope the editor doesn't mind all of this since I haven't really TALKED with her yet.

Be aware that I might be quiet on posting for a few days until I get my feet back on the ground and this craziness all figured out somewhat.  You take care and I'll talk with you soon as I have to tell you what the number 13 has to do with this.  So check back Sunday or so.