Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shame On Me

I've had a sneaking suspicion that I've done this and probably more times than I would like to imagine. I bought a book and never read it because I forgot I bought it. I know. That's awful. How did I do this? And how did I realize it?

Well, it was like this. As you know, I have a new study. With the move from one room to another, I had boxed up my books (and there so many, no matter how many I've given away before), placing some in boxes to keep and some to give away. The ones I gave away were authors I've read and didn't care for their style/stories or they've been given to me at conferences and luncheons and even dirty Santa parties and were not my cup of tea.

As I was throwing books into the box to give away (two boxes actually), I noticed one I didn't recognized. Yes. I may not remember every book I've read, but if it is still in my house, I remember something about it. So I read the back and thought how much I love the premise. Much older man and younger woman. I also like the other way around too. Anyway, I read the first couple paragraphs and still didn't remember the story. Hmmm. Could it been given to me recently and I forgot? I looked at the published date. 2001. No. That's too old to be given away. Maybe someone loaned it to me and I forgot. I hate doing that.

Since the story interested me and the first couple paragraphs were good and I didn't remember it, I decided to give it a try. Maybe as I got further into the book, possibly a chapter or two, I would finally remember it.

I was in chapter three and decided that I've never read it before and I thought what a shame. The guy was alpha and so yummy. The girl was spunky without being a bitch. So someone must've given it to me. About that time, a piece of paper fell out. It was a receipt to a grocery store. Could've someone left it in there by mistake? unfolded it. Heck! It was from Winn Dixie in the small town I live and the items were the type of products I normally purchased and it was dated April 2001.

I had bought it and probably sat it on my book shelf with other TBR books. During maybe influx of books (conference), it was moved around and forgotten.

It was good and now I want to read the next book about the brother. It's an Intimate Moments (Harlequin changed them to Romantic Suspense imprint). You know what that means, I'll have to go to an used book store or worse, go to Amazon. The way I feel about Wal-Mart (avoid it like the plague) is what I feel for Amazon.

Shame on me for missing out on a good author in 2001. Now I need to make up for lost time.

The author and book? A YOUNGER WOMAN by Wendy Rosnau