Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blow That Horn

Back in 1998, I was laid off from a company I had worked at for twenty years. I pretty much knew it would happen as they gave me a little over two months to find another job. Plus they gave me roughly five months in severance pay. Thankfully the times weren't as bad as they are now and I had a job lined up before I left that one. In fact, in less than four months from starting the new job, I was hired at another company I preferred.

One of the hard parts of starting a new job (and sometimes a new position) is working with people who don’t know you or the type of worker you are. So you have to prove you have common sense, you’re reliable and honest. When you first working somewhere and you become sick and have to call in, you just know they’re thinking you’re lying and you’re one of THOSE people. I never forget I was still in my probation period and I had a hundred and three temp. I still came into work. And yes I probably infected everyone in a ten mile radius, but I wasn’t taking a chance that someone thought I was faking it. Did they send me home? No. I worked all day and all of those afterwards.

You know, for that matter, you can be in the same place and same position, but change bosses and you find yourself in the same spot, proving yourself. Sure, you have info in your file talking about what a wonderful worker you are, but it only takes one boss who doesn’t like you to ruin that.

I’m one of those people (it appears) that doesn’t really impress people at first, but as time goes along and a boss has to work with me on a project or two, they realize “yes, she knows her stuff” and “yes, she’s damn good.” While I feel I’m average and mainly I’m a hard worker is all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a meeting with management and see surprise looks on their faces when I give them an observation they hadn't thought about or pinpoint a solution they missed or they finally realized how much I do know. I’ve put it down to that I don’t go around tooting my own horn (only here on this blog) or go complaining about everything.

What made me think about all of this is the problem I’ve been having getting published. Doesn’t everything come around to writing? I figured the last few years, I’ve been working up to a momentum and my time is coming. With the requests and finals rolling in faster and faster, maybe I’ll impress the right person soon and I’ll get the call. Finally.