Friday, April 15, 2011

Spitting In The Wind

As you can tell from the last two posts, editing is on my mind. If you're paying attention to the meters on the top right of my blog, you'll notice they haven't increased in a few days. I decided with 10 books completed and sitting to be bought...well, four of them are publish worthy...I need to make sure they're top notch before I finish another book. Yes, I have edited them before.

Though two beta readers have gone over my latest and made comments and I've gone over the finished book, reading most of it outloud, I started thinking of a few things I wanted to change. So I decided it wouldn't hurt to go over it one more time.  Then that will be it until an agent or editor wants me to do revisions or whatever. Note the positive thinking.

I understand that everytime we write a new book, we become better. BUT ELEVEN BOOKS, FOLKS! True only four are decent (I believe) but I need to see more results. Otherwise, I feel like I'm spitting in the wind.