Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Joke

Everyone has heard the following joke. In fact, I heard a version of it in the movie EAT PRAY LOVE.

Every day a woman prays to the Lord, "Please Lord let me win the lottery."
Faithfully, she pleads again, "Today, Please let me win the lottery."
Then one day a deep voice from heaven says, "Do me a favor. Buy a ticket."

It's amazing how many people miss the point of this wise joke. 

Lots of people out there say they want to be published, but never finish a book, never try to improve by joining a critique group, never submit a finished one or willingly submit again and again and again.

Editors do not come knocking on your door asking, "Do you  have a book to sell?"  You have to get off your butt and find the editor who wants to buy your book. Of course, first you have to finish that book and make it the best.