Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here I go Again

Considering I enter, judge, and coordinate contests along with train judges, I believe I know a few things. I have to say I'm tired of judges trying to change manuscripts into their voices. When you catch yourself changing nearly every sentence and it's not a grammar issue, maybe the voice isn't one you like. So walk away or mention one of two things and then let it go.

Yes. This is one of my little rants. As you guessed I received some scores on a contest I entered (yeah, did not final). One judge said my heroine's emotions were all over the board. The other one said she was consistent.  I believe if a person is going through a trauma and her emotions are steady, then something's wrong.  You didn't expect that, did you? Yes. The former judge meant it bad and gave me a low score.

Let me explain. I've had a gun pointed at me during a robbery (I worked in a drug store at the time. Kind of explains itself, huh?) and I can tell you my mind was all over the board. Scared with snatches of humor (Surely it was a poor joke -it wasn't), I still kept an eye out for an opportunity to run.  And I did when the gun went off. So in extreme situations, unless you're a robot and have no feelings, your emotions will be everywhere.

And I got the comment "this is a romantic suspense." I had entered it in Contemporary Single Title. But when I enter it into RS, they say it's erotica or a thriller. What does that have to do with it? A story is a story is a story.

Oh, and don't count how many times "was" was used. Goodness pick up a book.  It's okay. I swear.