Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Been Happening?

I wish I could say something wonderful has happened to cause me to be absent from my blog. But there hasn't. At least, nothing bad has happened either. Just been concentrating on writing though I feel as if I'm running in water. Slow. Awfully slow.

It's the usual dilemna I face every year. I have no one to write for but me. Published authors all the time say this is a wonderful time. No pressure to finish something certain in a limited time. But it makes it hard to concentrate on one project. I'm one of those people who enjoys boundaries.

Of course, you're thinking, but how can she write by the seat of her pants if she feels that way. Well, it like this. All my stories have happy endings. So I know where I'm going in that regards. Only I like to write contemporaries, historicals and paranormals. If I sold a story, I would then know the type of story I needed to concentrate on. See. My usual dilemna.