Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where Is That Plane?

Today at work, I was thinking of how many women around my age I know who do not have children. Easily ten come to mind. Half made the decision not to have children (usually because they were single until their thirties or their husbands had children from a previous relationship) and the balance because of health reasons. Adoption is so expensive especially to receive a healthy infant, that wasn’t an option for some.

One thing about working with women who never had children, they’re not very understanding when it comes to being absent because of a sick child. Thankfully my two girls are grown, but I remember every time I turned around one of them was sick and I had to take off. It was rough. A lot of vacation used taking my children to the doctor or staying home with them.

What really amazes me is when they start giving advice on raising children. I’m sure part of it stems from hearing their friends talk about raising their own and they’re passing on information, but really think about. If you never owned a plane, what kind of advice can you give on taking care of one? Even if all your friends own one.