Friday, November 12, 2010

Can You Be Too Honest?


Now, I don’t mean as in money or someone else’s possessions. I’m referring to telling people how you feel about a situation or even about them. Unless someone asks for your opinion about something they did or said, keep it to yourself. People don’t want to hear how to improve on themselves unless they ask and sometimes not even then. Because really think about it. The person “being honest” is only expressing their opinion and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right.

It’s like having lunch with your very best friend who walks into the restaurant wearing a bright red polka-dot dress and it makes her look forty pounds heavier. As a friend, you’re tempted to tell her the dress does nothing for her. You know, in the sake of just being honest.

While you’re eating, you continue the internal debate and then it finally registers what she’s telling you. It turns out the dress is the last gift her dearly beloved mother ever gave her before she died. The mother had it fashioned just for her by a famous Paris designer. And moments before, her husband had told her how red polka-dots just turn him on and he can’t wait for her to return home so they can make wild, passionate love.

Now aren’t you glad you kept your mouth shut and hadn’t been “honest?”