Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Two Sided Story

Everyone has heard the expression “there are two sides to every story.” I’m a firm believer in that. Remember my post over at the Romance Magicians about historical events being gray (as everyone sees history in different ways and facts can become muddled when more than one person gives their views).

Let me give you an example. When my youngest daughter was just a few months old, she was having a problem going to sleep one evening. It was around nine o’clock and I was exhausted. My husband was working the night shift and my oldest was already in bed. She had just drifted off to sleep in my arms when the phone rang. She jumped and started crying. Actually screaming. I answered the phone.

“Is (insert a strange name here) there?”
“You have the wrong number.” I hung up. Yes. That may have been rude but surely the guy heard the child crying. She was in my lap.
After a couple minutes, I was able to get her quiet and close her eyes.
The phone rang again. Yes. I should’ve placed the phone off the hook, but 1) my husband may have needed us and 2) I rarely get phone calls that time of night.
“You’re the rudest bitch and you can f**k off.” Click.

Didn’t he hear the child crying (again)? I would’ve happily explained to him that due to his ignorance he’d woken my child twice.

Yes. I’m glad I no longer have a “house” phone where anyone and his brother can act like a turkey. And I’m especially glad for caller ID on my cell phone where I can return the call and explain why they’re wrong. And if the number doesn’t show up on my dial…I don’t answer. Anyone who is above board won’t mind me seeing their number.

Of course, the guy probably had a bad day. The person he was calling might have owed him a bunch of money and if he didn’t get that money, he wouldn’t be able to have that operation or he’d lose his house, etc. But he had to have heard the child crying. Anyway, next time someone is rude to you. Think. Did you make an error? And don’t go out of your way to be rude back. Be the better person.