Saturday, June 16, 2012

Circle of Danger Excerpt

In my book, I pay homage to Anne Stuart's Reno, the sexy hero in her book FIRE AND ICE.   Excerpt from CIRCLE OF DANGER, available in e-format now and in paperback 6/19:

  At the other end, two guards had the arms of a man with neon blue hair pulled back into a long braid. He used their hold to jump up and twist his body, taking the men down with him. Before they could recover, the man was running toward her.

   “Move!” Ryker shoved her behind him. “Stop a**hole.” He pointed his gun toward the threat.
   The man slid to a stop. He slowly raised his hands and focused his dark almond-shaped eyes on Ryker.
   “Collin Ryker sent me.” Instead of the expected Asian accent, he spoke English with a slight drawl. “The Wizard has something of mine. So you can let me go with you to find him or I’ll follow.”
  “How’s it going, Ice?” Jack moved to the side and nodded toward the man. “My brother’s still having problems with his ex-fiancé since she’s working with him now?”
  “A. J.?” Ice Takahashi cocked his head. “I stay out of Rex’s business. Safer that way.”
  Ryker knew of Ice, that he’d acquired his name from what ran through his veins. Of all the stories bandied about, one was that he’d tracked down and killed his own father.
  If a man didn’t protect his family, he was a man not to be trusted.        
  In Ryker’s way of thinking, a good reason for him to leave.
  “I don’t give a d*mn what he has of yours.” Ryker lifted his chin. 
  “Go back to Collin and tell him to keep his nose out of my business.”
  “He said you would say that. He told me to tell you that you owe him.”
   Ryker straightened his shoulders and stepped closer to the man.
  “I don’t owe him jack-sh*t.”
  “He said you took his kill.” Those cold dark eyes stared back.
  Ryker knew most would agree he had the greater right to the kill if they knew all of the facts.
  “Boss, you want me to throw him out?” Liam shouldered his way through the crowd surrounding Ice.
  Ryker had to give his little brother credit. Collin was a smart man.   He had to be to escape Theo’s perverted clutches all those years ago. If only Ryker had known too. The years of pain and depravity the man had forced on him. The way he made him beg. Now wasn’t the time to think of that.
  His brother was known for being a master strategist. Whatever reason he sent Ice would most likely be revealed in its own good time.
  Ryker nodded. “Okay. Jack’ll get you up to speed on our plan.”

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Published by HarperCollins, Avon Red