Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day Eight - June 10th open

LOL!  I placed this marker on my blog posts to remember that it was open and then forgot I did it. LOL!  As you can tell, I'm not visiting a blog today (except my own).  So between going to the grocery store, having lunch with a Facebook friend (Hey Deborah!) and writing, it will be a little calmer.

Though I still have another blog post to finish and emailed out before Wednesday.

Yesterday, I wrote on the WIP, met a good friend for lunch, wrote a complete long post (didn't mean for it to be so long) that will show up Monday on, corrected a list of emails on MailChimp that I ended up not using (hate when that happens) and prepared a brand spanking new newsletter for my writers group and mailed it out to a new list of emails I added in Outlook. Whew!  I finished all that at nearly three this morning.

Next weekend doesn't look any better. My oldest daughter is moving into her new house Saturday and I must help. It's only right. And Sunday is Father's Day and I will be traveling to see my dad. Somehow I'll get more writing in between all of that. Summers are always crazy and it appears I will always be under deadline.  Thus is life.