Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Whole Lot of Gray

It started off cloudy and rainy this morning but turned out to be rather nice. A good Mother's Day.

As everyone says, being a mom is a hard job. When you stop and think about it, everything you say and do/to/for/with that child will be imprinted on his/her personality forever. (To make this simple, I will say she/her for the rest of the blog.) If she has any mental issues, she'll blame her parents. Even after she has children she may blame them but maybe, just maybe, she'll realize they are only being human. Besides even children aren't perfect.

I use to tell my kids that I tried to improve on what my parents did right or wrong and when they had children of their own, they can improve on the things I did, but they will make their own mistakes.

You know, I think being a writer has helped me understand a lot of what makes people do the things they do. And as a writer my mind has broaden enough to see all the possibilities and understand there are two or more sides to everything we know. Like how one witness to a crime will say the guy had a gray shirt on and another will say it's blue. One person will say he should be thrown in prison for stealing, while another say he was only trying to feed his family. One person will write him off as a loser, while another will want to give him a second chance.

So as the old saying goes, nothing is black or white. The world is a whole lot of gray.