Friday, May 25, 2012

Well, Hell!

I opened up my blog and then saw I had an email come in. So I switched over to my email to read where someone re-tweeted a tweet of mine. Then switched back to the blank page and couldn't remember what I was going to post. I hate it when that happens.

But thankfully as I was typing I remembered.

If  you have a blog on Blogger, do you trust the stats they provide? I'm beginning to believe that they will punch up the stats to make it look like you get more hits. Thus you'll stay with them. The reason I feel that way is that I keep up with stats two additional ways. By Sitemeter and by Google.  All three give me different numbers. Sure they probably all figure their stats differently, but the one that's nowhere near the other two is Blogger's.  And Blogger is owned by Google. At least, I believe they are. You would think theirs would be similar.

Plus whenever you see the location of the person looking at your blog, it can be incorrect. For examples, my buddy, JoAnn (Hi!), reads my blog from her desk at work (I'm sure she's on break/lunch at the time) and it shows New York and the company Time. I know that Time owns the company she works for and all of that is cool, but JoAnn works in Birmingham, AL USA. LOL!  And when I look at my blog from work (of course, only during lunch break), it looks like I'm in Englewood, CO. But I'm also in Birmingham, AL USA. Rather misleading, isn't it? That's because our companies' servers are located in those areas and not nearby.  Maybe that accounts for my fan (whoever you are!) who looks at my blog several times a day from Mountainview, CA. Someone said it might be a Googlebot (as that's the name of the server) just checking out my blog, but why would it look at a page nearly everyday, and not every once in awhile?  Nope. It's a person and maybe they'll read this and say hi and let me know who they are. Then again, they could be in another city and state and it only shows up as Mountainview, CA and they don't know it.  LOL!    I've included some snips of two of the stats for you to check out.

Another thing I was thinking about is how on Twitter I've gotten a lot more followers since I've been published (but still below 350) but the majority of those are writers. Everyone appears to be a writer nowadays. Not that I don't appreciate it and all writers are readers. Goodness, that's why they want to write. If they're not readers, well, that's just strange in my opinion. 

Well, enough of my rambling and it's time for me to get back to what I was doing. Writing on my book. I'm burning daylight.