Saturday, February 18, 2012

Remember To Do This

Don't forget in less than thirty more posts I will be shutting down this blog. So go to my website and click on Links. Then sign up for my newsletter. I plan to send one out soon and it will include a deleted scene from Circle of Desire. Only those who sign up will get to see what was taken out of the book. I probably shouldn't tell you this but it isn't a sex scene. It is Collin and Olivia kicking butt side by side. Personally, I liked the scene (maybe a sign of what their relationship would be like in the future), but I agreed with my editor. It didn't move the story forward.

And I also want to remind you that I will be posting on my writers' group's blog once every month. Our schedule is on the side of that blog and you can see when I'll show up. The other ladies and gentleman write some very interesting posts. Plus you can find me on Twitter every once in a while - @carlaswafford. So be sure to follow me. And ... and ... and you will see me a lot on Facebook!