Monday, August 1, 2011

That All Important Beginning

I received good news today. My editor loves the action in the first chapter of my second book. I'm thrilled. Was I worried?  Oh, yeah. You betcha!

Hooking a reader in the first few paragraphs is so important. Sure I could start off with action in the first paragraph. Probably will do that in the third book. I already have a scene in mind. 

I enjoy showing a character's...well...character. Showing a little of what they're about. Like Olivia in CIRCLE OF DESIRE, my first book coming out 10/18. She's cold, calculating but you see small glimpses of her vulnerability, her realization of what she'd become. She ignores the warning signs and moves forward and comes to regret her reckless behavior. While Collin appears cold and calculating as she is, he has a hard time maintaining that persona with her, and he sees the abused little girl inside.

In my second book, Ryker is shown to be a man with a painful past. The visible scars are matched by the ones inside. He struggles to protect the woman he loves from the world as well from himself. Oh, yeah. Tortured heroes make the best stories.

Keep on the look out for more tidbits to come.