Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maybe The Day Job Has Its Uses

Of course, having a day job ensures money is coming into the house. Got to pay the bills. But I talk with numerous people every day. Mostly men. It is an industry that men thrive in. Construction, in particular, waste water treament plants and water lines. Anyway, being in my current job for nearly fifteen years, I have several customers I've known for the same amount of time. A good number know that I write romance and all who've asked know my book is coming out October 18. I don't beat them over the head with updates. I do know how to act professional.

But by having a job where I talk with people in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Arizona, and with my prior territories in Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, and Utah and splatters in Massachuetts and Wisconsin, my name is known. So let's say a customer of mine who I never really said anything about my writing sees my name on a book. It would make him (or her, there are few women I work with) curious for sure. Will he buy it? Maybe not. It is a romance. But maybe he'll mention it to his wife, girlfriend, sister or mom. They will become curious and maybe buy. Or let's say someone who I use to work with at my other job (twenty years there, I was five when I started working) see my book. The name sounds familiar. Have they read a book by me before?

And I'm one of the notaries in my office. So someone in almost every state in the Union has seen my name.

Heavens, I use to work in the export department in the other company. So again my name is floating around the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Canada. Then I use to work with a company in England and Ireland importing valves. I did get around.

I guess being married to the same man is paying off too. Same last name all these years.

Yep. That all powerful name recognition. It will come in handy. Well, I hope it does.