Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Juju?

Sorry I haven't been on my blog this week. Been sick, sick, sick. SICK! Feeling a little better today. Hard to let things bother you when the sky is so blue and the weather just perfect.

Then I received a rejection from an editor (see post below). Oh, well. I know I'm no Nora Roberts, but goodness you would think someone would like my writing and at least my whole book. I edit and edit and edit. I swear. So not just the first three chapters shine, though to be honest they probably glow.

The funny thing is everywhere I looked today I kept getting hit with the number 13. I released two shipments that were number 13s, added an item to a p/o that was line 13, and ...I can't remember what else, but there were plenty of them popping up. I took it as a sign that my grandmother in heaven was thinking of me. She said 13 was her lucky number.

I hope she wasn't trying to warn me about the rejection. Though I try not to, I allowed myself to count on this one.

Bad juju?