Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Up To Forty

I received my 40th rejection today. It's sad but really no big deal. Not that I've gotten use to them, but I understand my book isn't everyone's cup of tea and not every agent (yes, it was an agent) is looking for one like mine. Of course, that's 40 rejections over 18 years and involving 10 books. That doesn't include the eight (editors/agents) I never heard from again. Technically, it isn't a lot.

Some people would feel funny about telling the public this information but 1) I went ten years (between 1993 and 2003) and didn't send one submission. Why? Because I came to realize my first two books stunk! Then my third and fourth was only a little better. 2) When I become published (See! I'm thinking positive), I'll have a great testimony to relate as a keynote speaker. See! I'm thinking REAL positive. 3) Sherrilyn Kenyon and Stephen King receive many rejections before becoming published and some after they were published. Funny. They have the same initials. Hmm. Maybe I should go by the name of Karla Swafford. Same initials, just switched. Nah! There's a principal in Georgia who probably wouldn't appreciate it.

Two fulls are still sitting out there waiting for a response. One has been on the editor's desk (or floor) for six months and I probably should check on it, but since I'll be pitching another book to the same editor next month, I figured it's best to wait until after the conference.

Anyway, I've learned so much in the last eight years and each day I do believe I learn something new about the writing industry. I have to say a lot of it has to do with being involved with RWA and my local chapter.

Well, I've got to get in bed. Tomorrow, after work, I'm having dinner with some of my buddies and Angela James with Carina. Cool, isn't it?