Saturday, June 5, 2010


Many people have been asked, are you a cat or dog person. I've always said dog. I like cats okay. They get on my nerves with their meowing.

When my daughter returned home from college, she brought a dog and a cat with her. The dog is a mix and is so cute. He doesn't jump on you and I've never heard him bark though my daughter said he does on occasion.

The cat is a pure white with yellow green slanted eyes. She's very pretty. She's friendly and that's so unusual to what I've been around. My sister had several cats over the years and they mostly all ran and hid when I showed up. But my daughter's cat from day one came up and rubbed against my leg wanting me to pet it.

Considering my husband I both agree animals are for outdoors, we gave in and allowed the cat in the house for its safety. But litter boxes...gross. I tell my daughter to clean the box out every day and does she? Heck, no. Grrr.

No matter how clean you are and well you keep house, animals wear out furniture and make a mess. I've had people say their cat/dog doesn't, but then I go to their house and I can tell you, without even smelling them, I can tell.

Anyway, until she finishes up college this last year, we'll have a dog and cat. They're good animals but we've already spent a good bit of money helping her care for them. If it was just her, I would say she could stay forever but with the animals...let's check out those townhouses for rent.