Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering When

A few years ago, I was at my dad's and his wife pulled out a present she'd bought him. It was a shadow box with a picture and metal insde. It turns out my dad's dad had served in the Army during World War I. Yes. The first one not the second. He'd been wounded during the war and received the Purple Heart. I can't remember the details of the wound but I do remember hearing his lungs had been damaged by mustard gas. From the pictures I've seen of him, it's hard to believe he had any problems. He was a well-figured man.

So here's in memory to my dad's dad and all of those who served to protect me and my country. God bless you.

[Side note: I remember when I was in elementary school and told a classmate that my granddad had been in World War I, she'd said, "No Way!" And then perceded to tell me I couldn't have a grandfather old enough to be in that war. Obviously her grandparents had been younger than mine. I found out later that my granddad had been 15 years older that my grandmother. So there...pffff!]