Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Wise

Every day on the way to work and back, I think of some great wisdom. When I arrive home, I take care of a few household chores and then open the computer and...nothing. I can't think of anything or I realize what I wanted to say was dumb.

Oh, I thought of something. This morning I was reading a new urban fantasy that I was struggling to finish. Then I realized what she was doing wrong. She wrote scenes that wouldn't move the story forward. If she was feeding us informaton to set up the big picture, I wasn't getting it. It was really a shame because the story had great potential. Realizing this boo-boo made me understand that at times I do the same thing. I worked too slow in giving the reader hints of what would happen next, they become bored. So off to my book. Time to correct some scenes.