Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great First One Liners

It's so true the first line can hook you into buying/reading a book. Raelene Gorlinsky at Ellora's Cave gave some great examples.

I'm working on my most recent paranormal. When I first started writing it, I used the first line of "It sucks to be me." As I wrote on it (3/4 finished), I've changed it several times. I had for a while "Crap! I'm in trouble again." Then I decided that wasn't really the message I wanted to come across starting off. So I settled for the following. For now.

There was nothing like standing in front of your soul mate, while he gave you a lecture. Soul mate? Yeah. Triton Aleron was my soul mate. And it sucks. Why? Because nothing in the cosmic joke book of the universe promised he would know I was his soul mate.

Yeah, I know. It's more than one sentence, but what the heck?