Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Top of The Alphabet

Like a lot of romance readers, I love reading about an alpha male. I love how they can be bossy, oversexed and still show a tender side. The best part is that they're all fantasy. No, I don't mean there isn't real life alpha males out in the real world. It's just I like those in books and my head better.

The other day, I was reading one of my new favorite authors latest short story. In the same book was another well-known author's short story. I had tried to read another story from that well-known author before and never finished it as I hadn't liked the way the story was going. In fact, stopped half way through the first chapter. So I thought, she's become rather popular and if so many people like her, I need to give her another try.

It started out pretty good. I really liked her heroine and the way it was going. The plot and certain devices was just the type of stuff I liked. New and different. Then the hero started talking. He was alpha but dumb as a box of rocks. I cannot stand books where one or the other of the main characters are stupid. They can be from different worlds (literally) and be ignorant of customs, but don't make them dumb. I didn't finish it. Will I try this well-known author again. No.