Monday, December 28, 2009

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Yesterday, I mentioned an uncle of mine. Let me tell you a little about him. He married his wife when she was fourteen and I believe he was in his early twenties. She'd sworn to him she was eighteen. Anyway, her parents obviously wanted her out of the house as they signed the marriage certificate. He then signed up for the air force and did a lot of traveling over the next several years. There's a lot of craziness to say about them, but the part I wanted to tell was how his wife calls him darling. As she's southern and never lost her accent during their travels, it comes out more like darrrrling.

So if you were around them, you would hear, "Darrrrling, do you want a glass of tea?" "Darrrrling bought that for us last week" "I'm going into the other room, Darrrrling." You get the idea. Every sentence spoken to or of my uncle by my aunt starts or ends with the elongated word darling.

Well, one time my uncle and aunt went on vacation with my dad and his wife. On the first day, all he heard was darrrrling this, darrrrling that until he thought he would scream. Finally, he turned to my aunt and said, "His name is Mark (name changed to protect the not so innocent) I swear the next time I hear you call him darrrrling, I'll pop you in the mouth." My dad isn't a violent man and my uncle didn't protest as he knew first, my dad wouldn't really hit her and second my dad had obviously had enough. For many years after that whenever she was in my dad's presence she would call her husband by his given name. I understand how my dad feels. She'd fallen back into the habit again around my dad and after only a couple hours, I felt the same way.