Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Every day we make decisions on what we’re going to wear, the time we’ll leave for work, what we plan to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Making decisions are not always as easy, especially when it comes to a person’s financial or physical well-being.

In the next two years, I have some major decisions to make, and like probably everyone, I worry about making the right choice. Even today, because of bad decisions made in the past, for years I had to live with the results. Sounds all mysterious when I don’t explain, but who really likes to tell the world how they screwed up? I will say at the time I thought I was making the right decisions but quickly realized how stupid I can be at times.

One future decision is about retiring from my job. If I retire early, in two years, my monthly pay will be cut in half. Even if I wait for four years, it will be only about two-thirds of what I’m being paid now. BUT, I want to write full time and waiting until full retirement isn’t an option in my mind.

Between my full time job and family, I have little time to write and forget about extras like going to the movies (love the big screen) or goofing off. If I retire, I can treat my writing as another full time job. Write from nine to five with an hour lunch would sound lovely. To be off weekends . . . a beautiful dream.

Yes. I’m aware many authors have thought the same thing and their productivity wasn’t any better than when they worked full time. Maybe knowing they had all of that time misled them to believe there would always be time to do it later.

Anyway, say a little prayer for me that I will make the right decision about this and few other things.