Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Circle Series

As you probably know, the third book in The Circle series is due to be released in e-format on December 26. 

When I first wrote CIRCLE OF DESIRE with the passionate Olivia and reserved Collin as the main characters, I had already planned the next five-six books and their primary characters with a vague plot for each. Before DESIRE was published, I had already written a couple chapters of the second book (CIRCLE OF DANGER) and looked forward to seeing how Collin’s scarred brother, Ryker, would handle the newly liberated Marie and was certain the next couple would include the second in command to Ryker, Jack Drago. But my editor at the time loved Rex and Abby, and wanted their story next.
Actually, I planned for their story to be book number four but after DESIRE was published I read in several reviews how they were curious about six-five Rex and deadly Abby. So what the heck! CIRCLE OF DECEPTION became the next story and I was glad. All of it fell into place.

Though I rarely hear of authors doing this, when I’m between writing projects, I’ll pull out my books and re-read sections of them. Hey, I write books I would love to read. Makes sense to me.

Believe it or not, but I’m always surprised when I see where I've placed some foreshadowing in the previous book that I don’t remember. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with me already knowing the back story for each character. Maybe not the whole back story but enough that it helps flesh them out when I write their book.

Okay, now you’re asking, what happened to books four through six? The blurb for DECEPTION does say “Carla Swafford's erotic Circle series comes to an exhilarating finale as the team of sexy spies and assassins goes undercover-under the covers.”

The lovely thing about the new age of publishing is that authors have options for their books. I’ll let you know when more CIRCLE series are available. For now, I have a couple of other deadly series in mind, and like most authors, I can’t say much about them as I have no idea of when they’ll be written. Yes. I’m a tease.