Friday, October 26, 2012

What Does Your Hero Drive?

A few years ago, I was reading one of my favorite author's older books and she had the hero in a Volkswagen Beetle. UGH! I kept reading but I couldn't get it out of my mind and never finished the book. In real life, a guy can own that type of car and still be a man, but in romance novels that I read, they can't. It just grosses me out.
Most expensive car in the world Bugatti

So today, an Internet buddy of mine was tweeting that she needed help in choosing a car for her thirty-plus doctor in her current book. She didn't want a cliché  type car. I asked her, is he thinking of settling down? And she needed to think of his background, if he was poor as a child, what car had he admired and believed proclaim a person successful?
Second most expensive car - Aston Martin

I suggested a extended cab truck or jeep type SUV. She came back and said, her doctor wasn't a cowboy but urban. Huh? Funny how people view the same thing. Men nowadays are using extended cab trucks as the new family van. The extra room says they have room for a wife and kids and still have leg room. Most of the heroes are tall. You've got to make room for those legs. Plus those trucks are plenty expensive.
Older GTO

A buddy of mine at work is six-five and I can tell you, he won't fit into any sports cars without his knees being beneath his chin. The basketball stars who buy sports cars can afford to have them designed around their height. But I did see an interview where one sports star said they had to take the back seat out (the itty-bitty bench) so he would have enough leg room. Why do you think they drive trucks, SUVs and Hummers?

I also suggested a really nice old muscle car. Think SUPERNATURAL and their black 1967 Impala but in better condition, shinier. That's a sexy car.

Anyway, my buddy picked a cherry-red Corvette. Red? A RED sports car for a man? Sorry (personal opinion that don't really mean anything to anyone but to me), but a red sports car scream's chick car or a man wanting to be noticed along with getting lots of speeding tickets.

Oh, well, not all women love cars like I do and it is her story to tell.

By the way, my next series will have a fellow who loves to drive motorcycles. I think they are so sexy but I never want any of my family driving one. They're so dangerous. I've known too many people who were injured or died on them.

But they're great props in a romance and look great on the big screen.

So what was your favorite hero's machine?