Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kicking Butt

Still writing on Book #3. It's more emotional than the other two books, but just as hot. No worries there. I love writing steamy, squeeze-your-thighs-together stories.
It appears that everyone enjoyed the excerpt from CIRCLE OF DESIRE the other day. so I thought I would share a little of CIRCLE OF DANGER coming out 6/5/12.
           Marie knocked on the apartment door marked C13 and waited for an answer. Ryker hated it when she spent time with Charlie. Who did he think he was? Charlie wouldn’t get her in any more trouble than anyone else in the organization.
            A woman with soft brown curls around her face peeked through the crack in the door as she opened it as far as the chain allowed. There was no crime in The Circle facility — who in their right mind would dare — but Charlie had grown up in the slums of Atlanta and refused to leave her safety up to chance.
           “F*ck, Marie. You have some crazy timing.” Charlie, known as a wild woman, went through men as fast as gas through a four-fifty-four engine in a muscle car. Marie knew for sure that she had a heart of gold and was the bestest of friends.
            “I can come back later.”
            “Sh*t, no. I forgot the time. Give me a second.” She slammed the door.
            Marie grinned. Not offended by her friend’s behavior or language, she patiently waited. The deserted hallway was unusual. On most days the underground barracks for single Circle operatives were jam-packed with people coming from or going to their shifts. The same barracks she’d lived in until Ryker decided she needed to sleep near him. With that thought her skin prickled. She leaned against the wall and pressed a hot cheek to the cool sheetrock.
            Then she heard voices inside Charlie’s rooms. One voice was much deeper than the other.
            The door opened and a half clothed male stumbled into the hallway.
            “Ah, damn, Charlie. I hoped to have another round of fun.” The man dropped his shoes and jabbed his arms into the sleeves of his shirt. With his tousled chestnut hair in his eyes and well-defined abs, Marie remembered seeing him working out in the gym. He was one of the pilots for The Circle’s helicopters.
               “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Later, Tom. I’ll make it up to ya.” Charlie slid her hand down the man’s bare chest and grabbed the waistband of his jeans and jerked. “You better be ready to keep up.”
            The man hissed. “Be careful. I’ll keep up all night, baby. You tell me when.”
            She kissed him hard and then shoved him in the chest toward the stairwell.
            Charlie turned toward Marie. “You look like crap. Come in and I’ll fix you a margarita.”  
           Marie watched Tom stagger away. Then she followed Charlie into her rooms.

I hope you enjoyed the little scene.  My plans were to have a novella for Charlie and her sweetie (not Tom). We'll see.

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And yes, they told me recently they are planning to publish the third book in the series.  No word yet about any other books after that. 

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