Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Still Want To Be Published

I was talking with a buddy of mine of how J.K. Rowling is being sued for plagiarism. Click here to read about it. It's a shame a person can’t become successful without everyone trying to get a piece of the pie by any means. Of course, even big authors mess up, but from the way the article reads, the reporter had doubts. Plus the article mentions "plagiarised themes" and as far as I know, a theme(s) cannot be copyrighted. Then again, I'm not a lawyer.

Then my buddy said something I hadn’t thought about. She wants to buy the other book to see if it was true. At that point, she turned to me and asked, "What if part of the reason for the lawsuit is to beef up sales for the accuser’s book?" Whoa! I’m usually the cynical one but she out did me this time. Good one, girlfriend!