Monday, February 22, 2010

God Is A Mathematician

I believe God is a mathematician. Why? Because every time I turn around numbers are trying to tell me something. Of course, when my bank account shrinks to small digits, it’s telling me I need to quit spending money. That’s an easy one. We know that computers are run on numbers. Thus the zeros and ones used in programming. I’m not sure how it’s done, I’m just grateful they exist. Just as I don’t understand how scientists can measure black holes in space when they’re merely theory. So for now, I’ll stick to things I know on earth.

When I was expecting my first daughter her due date was 08.08.80 (M.D.Y). Yes. Pretty neat, wasn’t it? Well, she was born on 08.06.80 at 1:12 a.m. instead. Actually she missed being born on my grandfather’s (maternal) birthday by less than two hours. Then my second daughter’s due date was 01.11.88. She was born 01.01.88 at 2:24 p.m. Okay, pay special attention to the time. Youngest daughter was born in the afternoon and double the numbers for the elder’s time. Seeing a pattern?

Not directly related to numbers themselves, but my birthday and my girls’ birthdays, though all on different dates of course, always fall (except leap years) on the same day of the week. This year they’re on Fridays.

Even my cell phone number plays a part. The last four digits are a combination of the year I was born and the year I was married. So easy to remember.

Yes. I do occasionally dabble in numerology. I try to be careful for as a Christian it’s consider to be too close to witchcraft. Yeah, yeah. People can tease about living in a modern world. But considering how numbers play an important part in my life, I know there’s a lot more out there than any of us understand.

Who would’ve ever thought 100 years ago, heck! 20 years ago, because of zeros and ones people around the world can read this simple post within seconds of me posting it?