Saturday, February 20, 2010

Deep Point Of View

I'm constantly working on improving my writing. One of my downfalls is deep point of view. I'm better than I use to be, but I want to get better. So the things I've learned is this.

1) Pretend you're the character (whoever's POV) and you're looking around. Describe what you see in regards to action including dialogue. E.g., Lisa traced the scar on Rick's chest. "Did the other man live?"
2) Be sure to SHOW emotions. E.g., Lisa kicked the garbage can and then shook her fist in the air. "My stupid boyfriend better not break another date with me!"
3) Avoid TELLING how the character feels. E.g., Lisa was hungry. Instead SHOW. E.g., Lisa's gaze followed the spoon as it traveled to the man's mouth and back to the bowl.
4) Don't forget to include the result of that emotion. E.g., Lisa's stomach growled. She wiped the corner of her mouth on her sleeve.
5) Be sure to avoid wherever possible words such as she saw, watched, thought, decided and so on. Remember that you wouldn't think "I'm thinking..." instead you think it. E.g., Lisa wiggled her fingers. Every swell and muscle on Rick's chest would be like well-sanded oak, warm to the touch and rock hard.